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You might be the one getting frustrated with the rusted bolt. It can test you badly when it needs to be removed or tightened. But needless to say that you will fail the test miserably as it generally gets beyond the human capacity. You need to be some kind of Superman to fight with these stubborn nuts or fittings. That’s why we have to count on some power tools for that extra muscle. In this case, the power tool that you need to have in your toolbox is the impact wrench. Using this tool is the only way you can exert enough torque to move such things with the lowest of efforts. You cannot take any chances by using a regular socket wrench instead of the impact wrench as it can leave you with injuries or damages to the tools. So this is the only option you have for this kind of job.

There is another thing that might confuse you that is the type of impact wrench to use. Whether you should use the massively corded ones or the ones which are cordless and battery-powered. I hope you are smart enough to know which one you need to have. These battery-powered wrenches are very popular for their great battery storage capacity. As these can be charged longer for use and are incomparable with their counterparts that are the massively corded ones.

These battery-powered impact wrenches becoming more and more favorable to the pros,  so different brands are getting into the arena. Choosing the right brand takes a few factors to count like torque, RPM, IPM, and any other acronym around. We consider all these to bring you two of the best picks for the cordless battery-powered impact wrench.

Makita XWT041X 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench

Before getting into the product let’s hear some words for the company itself.

Makita is one of the pioneers for making the best power tools, recently celebrated its 100th year. They are the specialist for making reliable tools for both industrial and residential purposes. Their products include wrenches, drills, grinders, saws, planers, routers, nailers, and many more. Makita impact wrench is one of the most heard and sought-after names among professionals. With such a reputation, we are forced to showcase their most sought-after Cordless Impact Wrench Makita 18V LXT. We have proudly listed this as the best impact wrench on our guide.


Why Makita 18V deserve to top the list? It is a versatile device suitable for regular mechanics and construction workers and also for beginner warriors who need it at the weekends. The brawny little device from Makita can surprise you with the maximum torque of 210 ft-lbs that it provides with its brushless motor.  It gets an advantage for being so little and compact with a head length of only 5-3/4” and weight of below four pounds including the battery. It can be easily positioned and maneuvered for a wrench like this. Being that lightweight it reduces user fatigue during long sessions of wrenching.

Now it comes to the batteries, which is one of the most important factors while reviewing the battery-powered impact wrenches. As it can be easily understood that it takes a lot of energy and which is the torque to remove rusted bolts and drive fasteners through any hard material. For that, you surely need a battery that lasts longer for not to swap out every fastener. Similarly, a high-capacity battery saves you the expenses of buying a pack of spare batteries to get your job moving. Two factors contribute to the Makita 18V battery life. The first one being a switch of 3-speed power selection which allows you to preserve battery life on less important jobs. Its electrically controlled brushless motor helps battery run time last 50% longer, which is enhanced by the shortage of carbon brushes.

There is a built-in LED battery gauge to indicate the battery life so that you don’t have to guess for recharging the unit. It should also be taken into consideration that Makita LXT’s battery is made of lithium-ion, which has a significantly better battery life than the impact wrenches of the older generations.

Another simple yet effective feature that Makita 18V offers is a built-in LED light that enhances the brightness of your work area thus improves your job efficiency. Some of the regular users might find it unwanted to have the light integrated, for them that can also be solved as it includes an independent on/off switch to be turned on or off when it necessitates. It becomes very comfortable to operate for its lightweight and grip that has rubberized cushioned on the handle. The Makita 18V is available in a great package which includes a useful tool carrying bag and one spare battery. It also comes with a battery charger capable of recharging within 40 minutes (That is why you find the spare battery handy)  

Build Quality

The consumers often complain about their impact wrenches getting burned out due to the heavy workload and duty cycle. Makita has taken this issue seriously and they are determined to provide excellent features in regards to its internal build quality. For instance, they provide a feature called Star Protection Computer Controls™ which is the electronic protection against overloading, overheating, and over-discharging. Makita has gained a reputation for using very high-standard raw materials in their products. They have made their proprietary hammer and anvil impact mechanism on this driver with quality steel using a unique heat hardening process that boosts fastening and driving capacity. Another neat feature of Makita is Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) which makes the impact wrench more resistant to natural damages like getting damaged from water, oil, dust, grease, or any other unwanted trash. All these features result in this great impact wrench that is extremely well-built in and out. On the whole, it is an out and out top-notch tool that you will not regret buying anyway!


The price always seems to be an issue when you look to buy any tool. But when it comes to any technical tool like this one you should not mind paying a bit more for getting a great quality product that is well-performing and also durable. Going for the cheap one makes you spend more to get your tool upgraded in the future. So isn’t it wise to get it right the first time? The price of the Makita 18V LXT retails in the high range of $300, which makes it a significant purchase. It needs to remind that this price includes two batteries, a carrying bag, a charger, and a 3-year tool along with the battery warranty which makes it a great deal. You also see the fact that the technology it is built with will save it from getting obsolete for many upcoming years unlike those aging products available in the market. In the main, Makita 18V LXT is a great value for the price. If you have the coin then look no further and go for this highly recommended impact wrench.

To avail of the best deal for this check it on Amazon as you can get the most competitive deal around. This impact wrench has outnumbered most of the other tools so no way you can think of its alternative. Click here to check more of it.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/2″ High Torque Impact Wrench

The second product in our list also belongs to a great name in the field of tool manufacturing. Milwaukee, A renowned brand is gaining popularity for several quality tools under their banner. Although it stands out with one of their great tools which is the M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench (specifically Part Number 2767-22). It leads us to review this great product from the real-life opportunity provided by Milwaukee to take it for a spin, the opportunity came at the right time when we had planned a tire rotation project.

After getting the M18 impact wrench un-boxed, at first, we noticed the bright red molded case, in which the impact wrench was housed, apart from it there was a pair of 18V lithium batteries and a charger. It is a thick plastic case that felt to be quite robust, and the latches were sturdy enough to match the case. The plastic handle was good enough and didn’t lack anything mentionable, so nothing to complain about. All in all, a great case to check out.

Then, we headed to the project after ensuring if the batteries were charged using the easy-to-use charger. After getting there, we began our operation by throwing a 17mm impact socket on the anvil, which allowed us to test out the friction ring. Once we got used to it, the friction ring worked as same as the mechanism of a standard ball detent. It took a little more force than anticipated to get the socket on for the first pass, but after a couple of tries, we successfully had it down. The friction ring was nothing to worry about and was pretty functional and mechanical, but it also didn’t leave us too surprise with anything revolutionary.

We found this impact wrench very lightweight even after clicking the battery in. This M18 is a compact size wrench and weighs just under 6 pounds even after getting the battery assembled with the wrench. This weight is a great competitive advantage for the tool though we didn’t use it for long, but seems to be a great one for reducing user fatigue during long run projects.

Its stellar ergonomics was something that needed to be focused on as we were holding it to unzip the first rust bolt. The contoured handle covered with rubber grip felt sublime whereas many budget impact wrenches have the clunky pistol grip. The rubber made of a high durometer thus it was hard and kind of non-penetrable. It is something you want when the working condition is wet and oily.  This makes the tool easily cleanable after you finish your job to get it nice and fresh enough for your next project.

When we pulled the trigger for the first time, a slightly muffled whizzing sound greeted us, which took us for a welcome surprise as many impact wrenches sound very loud and noisy compared to this one. Our excitement enhanced when we pulled the trigger for the LED light to come on and illuminate our working area around the socket. It could not have been better to feel its advantage as we were doing the project in the evening, in a dimly lit garage. Also, it is worth mentioning that the torque amounting to 1400 ft-lbs of twist in the counterclockwise direction made it quicker of our lug bolts. That leaves us in the embarrassment that we torqued to 85 ft-lbs last time while installing the wheels.

We played around some of the drive control moods while on the next few lug bolts. It allowed us to cap the IPM (impacts per minute) and RPM (revolution per minute). We soon moved on to the fourth mode that the indicator’s circular arrow showed, which is one of the most interesting parts due to RPM’s immediate reduction if the bolt breaks loose and starts spinning. This was useful for removing the last lug bolt from each wheel as it gave us the chance to control the RPM as not to back the lug bolt accidentally. We made the last few turns using a ratchet so the wheels didn’t come off until we got our hands onto it.

After getting the project done, we can happily say that our tire rotation project went awesome with the M18 Fuel High Torque! Although we didn’t get the chance to use the impact wrench for a long time to see the battery life completely drained. Although we know lithium batteries generally have greater battery life and it goes the same for the M18 batteries as well. After completing the project, which includes removal and re-installation of 16 lug bolts (and also getting things here and there for some time), the battery indicator seemed to be almost full with no reduction of torque output from the wrench. Obviously, to say, with the fully charged pair of batteries, we expect it to last for a better part of your busy working day.

In the main, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel High Torque Impact Wrench was an absolute joy to work with! We were pretty satisfied with how well the wrench handled and also how efficiently it delivered torque to our fasteners. Finally, it is important to mention that Milwaukee offers a 5-year warranty on the product, which boosts the confidence in the product and the company, and also gives a sense of satisfaction that the tool investment will have a kind of protection.

To know more and buy the product you can check out Industrial Drill Bit’s website. We are pretty confident that this impact wrench will not disappoint you rather give you a great deal of satisfaction for doing such jobs. That’s why we strongly recommend it from a value standpoint.


We hope we’ve been able to make you understand the significance of the battery power impact wrench and also cleared the mud to get you with our top two picks of impact wrenches. If you want to know more info about impact wrenches in general, have a look at our Industrial Drill Bit website to pick the best and wrench happily!

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